Second Avenue Shuffle: Early 2000’s Nightlife Pt 1

As girls desperately wrapped their newly adolescent bodies in tight fitting American Apparel dresses hoping to mask their ultimate loneliness and longing to fit in. Their perky breasts and fleshy baby fat swarthed in cheap cotton that made them look like an army of no one. It completely hid and took away any sense of identity or originality. It may as well have made them targets for predatory men to slip something in their Sparks.

They voraciously swayed back and forth to songs they would hear in the background on the radio when their parents drove them home. They now understood why their parents listened to this music.

They didn’t know at the time, but they would one day look back and consider this the best time of their lives. It wasn’t because of the music or the “scene”. It was the carefree time of their lives — no bills, no parents, no jobs… Not to mention the lack of socioeconomic turmoil and techno-social anxiety.

But the struggling to belong was too great, no one would realize this until much later in life…


Sons of the Father

I wonder if certain fathers are aware of when their pubescent-budding sons will surpass their own manliness. Do they realize that their sons will grow up to be a tougher man than they are? Are they proud of this fact? Or, like all men who are in constant guarding of their masculinity, are they fearful?