Natalie Andrewson: Illustrator

I recently attended the MOCCA Arts Festival in NYC where I got to check out some really great illustrators and cartoonists.

I was fortunate enough to have a guide who is an established cartoonist and writer within the field. She took me around to all the great booths to check out (as it was very overwhelming).

I got to (briefly) meet Natalie Andrewson who is a very sweet artist with a lot of potential. I could easily see her being commissioned to do some work for big cosmetic and fashion brands (since that seems to be the trend these days). I love her use of colors, as well as her girly, borderline-manga style of illustration. Peep some of her work below!

And please make sure to follow her at: natandrewson on IG.


(Photos courtesy of @natandrewson)